Green Brand

As a green enterprise, O’right is more than a hair care brand. In our eyes, the value of the product should not be merely presented in the profit graphs. We regard ourselves as a brand representing the green lifestyle. Communicating a local green cultural heritage is our mission, and we aim to draw a close connection between the island and the people’s life. Through a lot of pondering and efforts, we determine to make ourselves the critical minority. Inspired by nature, we seek to dig out more meanings and value of nature in our products.

Finally, we make O’right Green Headquarters into a green publisher. Drawing inspiration from nature, this publishing house creates works that blend harmoniously the heaven, the earth, and humans. We promise to make humans healthy, the environment healthy, and the societies healthy. We aspire to reach the harmony between humans and nature. At the present moment, we make the eco-promise to our customers and the land. Green is a supreme taste recording the inner strength of nature. You will never encounter such a taste anywhere else, never ever.


Green Hair Care
Green Logo

The shape of the beginning letter “O” symbolizes our beautiful earth. It also imitates the sound of “all.” “Right” means all things are right and appropriate. The green color signifies our devotion to environmental protection while gray denotes a stable and reason-based corporate culture. In conclusion, we want to make right products for a right life. O’right is a manifesto which delivers our earnest hope—May all of the things on earth are beautiful and right.


Green Hair Care

Brand Logo

In O’right with tomorrow.
Let's make things better-O’right.

Green Origin

Green Hair Care

Steven Ko, CEO of Hair O’right International Corporation, started the brand on March 8, 2002, the same year when his parents passed away from kidney disease and cancer.

Suffering from the unexpected bereavement and his own extremely allergic constitution, he determined to keep people away from harmful chemicals and heavy-metal contamination.

Putting a lot of efforts in looking for natural ingredients, O’right made a critical reorientation in 2006 which gave birth to the green, eco-friendly brand you see today—with a vision of creating a nice and beautiful future.

Honor Of Brand

Green Hair Care
  • Taiwan’s first shampoo received "Carbon Footprint Label".
  • World’s first shampoo to be certified as "Carbon Neutral" under PAS2060 framework.
  • "National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises Award" , the most glorious award among SMEs
  • "Taiwan EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate"
  • "Environmental Sustainability Award" by SGS
  • "National Sustainability Development Award" by Executive Yuan
  • "Industrial Sustainable Excellent Award" by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
  • "Enterprises Environmental Protection Award" , the most glorious award in environmental protection
  • "Excellent CSR among SMEs in Taiwan" (2011 & 2012) by MOEA
  • "Xue Xue Awards" (2011 Specialty Award & 2012 Creativity Award) by Xue Xue Institute
  • "Excellent Eco-Friendly and Green Energy Enterprise" by Taoyuan County Government
  • "The Model of Taiwan Entrepreneur Award", the most remarkable award among entrepreneurs
  • Invited to deliver a speech in 2012 Beijing cross-strait Brand Forum
  • MOEA’s First "Taiwan Green Classic Award"
  • "Golden Pin Design Mark", the most honorable award in design field
  • The first place of "Green Brand" survey conducted by Taiwan Business Next Magazine
  • MOEA’s top 100 Taiwan Innovative Enterprise
  • On behalf of Taiwan SME to deliver a speech, "Green Transformation", at 2011 APEC conference held in USA
  • SGS ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certificate
  • "Taiwan Superior Commercial Service Brands" by MOEA

O’right Green Headquarters

O’right Green Headquarters is the first cosmetics plant granted Taiwan EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate. (Certificate No.: GB0100409)

Green Hair Care

O’right Green Headquarters conforms to seven green indexes:

  • Green Index (3 times larger than the standard)
  • Water Retention Index (10 times more than the standard)
  • Daily Energy Conservation Index
  • Carbon Dioxide Reduction Index
  • Indoor Environment Index
  • Water Resource Index
  • Sewage and Garbage Improvement Index


All of O’right’s green products are manufactured in a high-standard cleanroom with 100% of clean energies from wind and sunlight. The application of water cycling systems further allows wastewater to be reused to achieve carbon neutrality. Moreover, the fenceless design of the building turns O’right Green Headquarters into a friendly park for local people to enjoy nature. Based on the idea of inter-dependence and sharing, this green building is a realization of sustainability and this kind of working environment will definitely lead the future trend. Manufactured in this green building, O’right’s products deserve to be defined as natural, pure and eco-friendly.

Green Hair Care

Green Products

A Tree-growing Shampoo:
Tree in the Bottle
Green Hair Care

Please make sure the bottle is intact before purchasing and avoid forceful squeezing. We disclaim all liability and responsibility for any damage of the container after sold.

100% biodegradable: This natural and eco-friendly bottle is made with starch extracted from discarded vegetables and fruits. When buried in soil, the bottle will break down over the course of about a year and become nutrient for the soil, and the seed inside will sprout and grow into a tree. The seed in the bottle is native Taiwanese acacia, which is one of the most common trees for afforestation in Taiwan because they are great carbon absorbers.

Certified biodegradable materials: The biodegradable materials obtained various international compost certifications. Due to the fact that the bottle is 100% biodegradable, brittle fracture, breakage and deformation are normal.

Floral Box – new life hidden in the world’s greenest packaging
Green Hair Care

All of the paper for the O’right floral box series is from responsibly managed forests and printed with ecofriendly soy ink. A small piece of flower seed paper made from recycled plant waste is attached to the box. The whole paper box can be buried in the soil and you will have a lovely garden after the seeds sprout!

Handmade seed paper: The seed paper is made of water bamboo leaves and sugarcane bagasse and processed in a 10-steps paper-making process. Flower seeds are then embedded in the paper.

Soy ink printing: As a kind of water color ink, soy ink is very ecofriendly as it is nontoxic and causes no pollution.

Paper from responsibly managed forests: All of the paper for the floral box series is certified by an internationally renowned certification body which promotes responsible management of forests. By using certified paper materials, O’right is taking part in global efforts against forest depletion.

Green Fashion:
Sustainable Bamboo Design
Green Hair Care

Bamboo is an excellent plant for temperature control. As a fast-growing plant, bamboo shoots come out of the ground every year, and a new shoot matures into a bamboo in just four years! Based on this characteristic, planned harvesting is not only economically beneficial but is also healthy for a bamboo forest.

Moso bamboo, one of the most planted bamboos in Taiwan, now starts its new life in O’right’s products. After complicated processing and exquisite crafting, the bamboo becomes a one-of-its-kind delicate artwork filled with unique patterns, through which the legacy of valuable craft art is successfully passed down. Being deeply moved by nature, O’right hopes to share this touching feeling with more people.


To combine our brand vision “Everything is all right” with charitable image, we focus on “Future Generations Concern” and “Environment Protection” in marketing campaigns.We hope to inspire everyone to love the Earth.

Green Hair Care
Future Generations Concern
  • In 2007, we sponsored “Taiwan Fund for Children and Families” to help poor children and foster the next generations with 13.2 million (NTD) worth of products and cash.
  • In 2008, we sponsored “ORBIS international” for saving sight of blindness children with 18.2 million (NTD) worth of products and cash.
  • By signing “2009 Love Earth Card” to educate our children the importance of environmental protection.
  • In 2009, we sponsored Guo-An Elementary School to enter International Junior Football Tournament in Spain with 6.3 million (NTD) worth of products and cash. They won the second place for Taiwan.
  • In 2010, we sponsored “Association of Pingtung Indigenous Culture and Education” to rebuild joyful learning environments for children in typhoon-stricken regions with 7 million (NTD) worth of products and cash.
Green Education

Promote the significance for enterprises to join in environmental protection in campus:

O’right shares its successful experiences of green innovative business model with colleges and society organizations.It encourages not only more and more enterprises to join in green line but also impresses students by natural and organic cosmetics. O’right brings the awareness of MIT green hair care products to people and enhances MIT green cosmetics industry on international stage.

Green Activities
Green Hair Care
  • In 2008, we cleaned Kenting Beach to keep the Earth green Promise.
  • In 2009, O’right sponsored the premiere of documentary “HOME” and invited 1,200 customers to participate and make the Eco Promise together: “We love the earth, we keep it green!”
  • In 2010, O’right held “Sight the New Green Salon” seminars on environmental protection. More than 1,700 customers attended the seminars to practice environmental protection and protect the Earth together.
  • In 2010, O’right proudly sponsored the book and DVD publication of the continuation of “Home” . An in-depth analysis of crisis which the planet is facing, awakens people to the new vision and understanding in environmental protection.
  • In 2010, O’right sponsored the DVDs of the climate documentary 《±2°C》 produced by the well-known media figure Sisy Chen.
  • In 2011, O’right led more than 3,800 Taiwan hair salons to participate in “Earth Hour” to turn off the lights for 1 hour global synchronized.
  • In 2011, O’right and 1,569 hair salons participated in the “20 year period” project together to adopt the trees in the experimental forest of National Taiwan University and planted 528 seedlings for the global environment conservation.
Home Reconstruction
Green Hair Care
  • In 2009, the “88 flood” hit southern of Taiwan severely. O’right provided free product replacement for the customers who suffered from the flood, tried our best to help customers to reconstruct their homes and quickly restore their businesses.
  • In 2010, the heavy rain from the Maygi typhoon hit the area of Yilan and Su-ao causing a great loss to our customers. O’right provided free product replacement for the customers who suffered from the flood, and tried our best to help the customers to reconstruct their homes and quickly restore their businesses.

Hair O’right Milestones

  • 2002
    • Founded Hair O'right.
  • 2003
    • Developed first O’right products.
  • 2004
    • Researched and developed O’right products and started marketing O’right brand.
  • 2005
    • Set up O’right ID Center.
    • Established 7 branches to provide prompt customer service.
  • 2006
    • World’s first cosmetics company implemented Product Barcode Traceability Systems.
    • Implemented ERP systems.
    • Established head office and R&D center in Taoyuan, focus on creating brand values.
  • 2007
    • Established China Operations Center to integrate cross-strait resources.
    • Declared “Everything is all right” as prospects, devote into eco-line and take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • 2008
    • Executed “Green Earth” plan and achieved record high revenue.
    • Established International Business Department and expanded distribution to International Market successfully.
  • 2009
    • Awarded “Taiwan Superior Commercial Service Brands” by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    • To stay in line with brand spirit, we don’t hire smokers.
    • Declared June as “O’right Eco Month”. Make Eco Promises to the Earth. Released “Eco Paper” bimonthly to express our brand concepts to end-consumers.
      Origin of O’right Eco Month: On 5 June, 1972, UN held the first global environment meeting and released “Declaration on the Human Environment” and commemorated yearly on 5 June as “World Environment Day”.  It’s also the first legislative environment day in Taiwan (2002).
  • 2010
    • Taiwan first SME received "Carbon Footprint Label".
    • The first shampoo & hair treatment received "Carbon Footprint Label" in Taiwan.
    • Posses the largest number of product patent certificates among Taiwan Professional Hair Care Brand.
    • Gained PAS 2050:2008 Product Carbon Footprint Verification.
    • Granted SGS ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certificate.
    • Proactively expanding Green Hair Care products and successfully entered the European market.
    • Successfully developed photodegradable “Fren Eco Handbag“.
    • Taiwan’s first Green GMP Factory is built by O’right.
  • 2011
    • Successfully developed world’s most eco shampoo "Tree in the Bottle".
    • Successfully developed "Floral Box" the packaging embedded with seeds paper.
    • World’s first shampoo to be certified as Carbon Neutral” under PAS2060 framework.
    • World’s first cosmetics company to be certified as “Carbon Neutral” under PAS2060 framework.
    • Awarded “2011 Taiwan SME Excellent CSR Corporation” by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    • Delegated by Taiwan SME to deliver a speech in 2011 APEC conference held in USA.
    • Taiwan’s first shampoo received “Golden Pin Design Mark”, the most honorable award in design field.
    • Won MOEA’s First “Taiwan Green Classic Award” with the top score.
    • Received the first place of “Green Brand” survey conducted by Business Next Magazine.
    • Won “Special Mentions Award” in Green Enterprise Group of 2011 Xue Xue Awards.
    • Awarded MOEA’s top 100 Taiwan Innovative Enterprise.
  • 2012
    • Awarded "Taiwan SME Excellent CSR Corporation" 2 years in a row.
    • Awarded first "Environmental Sustainability" by Taiwan SGS.
    • The only cosmetics plant won EEWH Green Building Certificate.
O'right Home